Hiiii!!! Basically we're the katts (Sophia our owner says it's spelled cats but it really isn't we're katts so we should know)and we'll take turns blogging,or blog about something all together.Sophia is our owner and if she says something it'll be in bold type.Also we aren't all crazy...just Bonnie and Percy.Anyways we love you all!
Fish,Missy,Bonnie,Percy,and our owner Sophia

Monday, August 20, 2012

Percy Jackson

Name:Percy Jackson


Hobbies:Climbing up screen doors like my mommy,meowing insistently untill someone opens the door like my mommy,eating,sleeping,annoying Fish and Missy like my mommy,following in my mommy's footsteps.

About:I am not a baby I just turned a year old in March!I am huge like Fish we both weigh about 13teen or more pounds.

Comments:I did not steal the Lightening Bolt from Zeus.

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