Hiiii!!! Basically we're the katts (Sophia our owner says it's spelled cats but it really isn't we're katts so we should know)and we'll take turns blogging,or blog about something all together.Sophia is our owner and if she says something it'll be in bold type.Also we aren't all crazy...just Bonnie and Percy.Anyways we love you all!
Fish,Missy,Bonnie,Percy,and our owner Sophia

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jedi Kittens video Review by The Katts

Fish: I thought this video was very-

Percy: Hey is there any popcorn?

Missy: Be quiet! Fish was talking!

Bonnie: Hey!! Don't tell my baby to be quiet!

Guys! Behave.

Fish: Anyway...I really liked the video, since I am a big Star Wars fan.

Percy: Snickers Bars?  Twix? Anything to eat at all?

Missy:Just ignore him.

Bonnie: Hey!!

Missy: Ow!She hit me!

Guys! What did I say?

Fish: Am I the only one talking about the video?

Missy: No, I'll say something-I love Princess Leia!!

Bonnie: Ummm, she's not in this video...

Percy: Ice cream! Fish, where'd you leave the carton?

Oh well apparently this review has failed...

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